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It is generally the sole responsibility of the vehicle operator to determine whether they can proceed with a tyre once they are aware of an issue. While there are those who assert that Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) are already solving this issue, there is another system that is one step ahead – with the capacity to inflate a punctured tyre, in motion, on the road. As a distributor of Pressure Systems International (PSI) products (see breakout box), Celerity DRS has seen a focus on tyres in recent years both in and out of Western Europe.

“It is only a matter of time before some kind of monitoring or inflation system will be mandatory on all new trailers,” says Celerity DRS General Manager, Bart Ezendam.  “In the US, for instance, this is already a pending legislation under GHG-2 which will require all new standard trailer types need to have TPMS or Automatic Tyre Inflation System (ATIS). The main development that Celerity DRS has made in the last two years is incorporating connectivity to its product range, allowing fleets the possibility to integrate its systems with existing trailer telematic concepts.

“Our aim is to give total control over tyre-related issues where a fleet office will be able to asses and monitor their tyres while still in transit, preventing tyre-related downtime.”

Another trend that has guided Celerity DRS is sustainability, specifically the industry’s efforts to affect carbon emission reductions while striving for efficiency gains. “In our business the main factors to consider are carbon dioxide emissions and the targets that are set to reduce them. In order to reach those targets and to comply with upcoming legislation there are many new solutions and products entering the market. Our system has already proven its impact on sustainability through reducing fuel consumption and emissions and extending tyre life, which is vital for future-proofing equipment.”

Looking to improve the operational longevity of road transport equipment, Celerity DRS is currently focused on working with the tipper and tanker segments where tyre punctures are a more frequent risk in daily transit. In addition to this they are particularly interested in highlighting the huge benefits for the international transport and distribution segments – “Imagine reducing the downtime of a fleet caused by tyre issues or that you are able to decrease the fuel cost by a minimum of 1.4 per cent. These can be impressive numbers when talking about big fleets. We also cannot ignore the huge social and safety implications of reducing the possibility of a blow-out on a highway.” Celerity DRS is extending its range of axle kits by working closely with European axle manufacturers. “Our target is to offer a solution for nearly all axle types to fulfil customer requests.”

Fast Fact
In 2017, Celerity DRS was granted the exclusive European distribution rights for Pressure Systems International (PSI) Tyre Inflation System for commercial trailers. The PSI system is capable of inflating tyres while driving, maintaining the correct pressure even when a puncture is present.

Fast Fact
The latest innovation that Celerity DRS is developing is a truck-trailer combination drag reduction system. The tyre inflation system distributor aims to provide fleets with more sustainable and fuel-efficient options considering the industry’s proactive efforts to combat climate change.

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