US trade war not an issue for Dana

As a “build where you sell supplier”, Dana CEO, Jim Kamisickas, said that the  impact of tariffs from the Trump administration are not a big deal.

Kamisickas told US news outlet, TheStreet, that Dana does not ship axles and driveshafts half-way around the world, and will not be raising prices for its products in light of the US trade war.

“Our customers recognise that a healthy supply base is really important to them – and important to us – so when working through deals that may have something to do with economics and potential tariffs, there is a true partnership there. And everybody, I think, will work through that,” he said – explaining that Dana continues to find solutions. “When running a major parts manufacturing company, there is a lot of ways to take out waste through over-design or whatever it may be, so we continue to drive in that direction.”

In June, US company, Meritor, announced the launch of 20 bearing and seal kits and 70 individual bearings covering Meritor and Dana axles.

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