SAF-Holland’s powerful trio for tyre management

Global equipment specialist, SAF-Holland, provides lightweight axle lifts, automatic tyre inflation systems and weight-optimised steering axles as a cost-saving combination for fleets to better manage their road transport tyres.

According to SAF-Holland, careful investment in commercial vehicle tyres pays off with lower costs in the long term, particularly with the targeted use of systems that are gentle on tyres, promoting product longevity and improved fuel efficiency.

“Optimum management for tyres is achieved when our trio of axle lift, castor steering axle and SAF TIRE PILOT is installed together,” said SAF-Holland Manager Product Planning & Market Development, Elmar Weber. “In future, this will be possible for all castor steering axles with compact bearing for axle loads between 9 and 11 tonnes.”

The extra-light (21kg) axle lift, according to SAF-Holland, is a cost-efficient solution for tyre management, offering compatibility with all SAF INTRA series suspensions. The component is gentle on tyres, easy to install and can easily be retrofitted.

SAF-Holland has developed an agile castor steering axle for winding roads, specifically for inner-city deliveries. The SAF INTRA castor steering axle reportedly saves 35kg through a special design of steering knuckle and axle stub, and is available in two versions: as a light-weight variant for standard vehicles; and a robust model for vehicles spec’d with SAF INTRA CD suspension.

The SAF TIRE PILOT is an automatic tyre pressure monitoring system for rigid and steering axles, weighing five kilograms. SAF-Holland said the tyre assistant reacts as soon as the preset tyre pressure falls by more than 0.2 bar: A warning lamp informs the driver while the integrated control box automatically raises the pressure to the defined level. Even with puncture damage – a frequent cause for the breakdown of commercial vehicles – the filling system reliably maintains the minimum pressure of 9.0 bar. This allows commercial vehicles to safely reach their destination or the nearest workshop.

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