Italian business receives high-quality Kässbohrer reefer

German OEM, Kässbohrer, has delivered a K.SRI reefer to logistics operator, Svat Group, following the opening its new headquarters in Verona, Italy.

As a company that has been the vital link in the cold chain distribution in Italy and Europe, Svat Group has reportedly chosen Kässbohrer's reefer for its performance outcomes.

According to the OEM, the K.SRI is suitable for multi-temperature transport due to its high performance insulation that contributes to a lower total cost of ownership through fuel efficiency gains.

The internal height of the reefer is 2,650mm to 2,900 mm and has 22 double-deck beams with each profil featuring a load capcity of one tonne or up to 66 euro pallets.

The partition wall is movable via two bars system on the roof to enable transportation with two different temperature zones.

THe upper structure of the vehicle is certified according to EN 12640 along with Load Security Certificate EN 12642 Code XL – VDI 2700.

To enable load security, the K.SRI is equipped with two units of galvanised load stabiliser rails on both sides panels with 800mm and 1,600mm height position to provide optimum load security through the complete load length.

Also, the K.SRI has a 240-litre plastic fuel tank, shock absorber steel buffers, self-steering axle, two pairs of external stainless steel rods on each side on rear door, KTL coated pallet box with capacity of 36 units euro pallets, first only or first and third axle lifting with driving assistance from trailer or cabinet.

During the delivery ceremony, Svat Group Chairman, Flavio Tombolato, and Kässbohrer Country Manager, Kuntay Özkan, presented speeches about their collaboration and partnership.

Tomboloato explained that after observing Kässbohrer's range of road transport vehicles, Svat Group was convinced that Kässbohrer’s K.SRI was the right choice for its operations and would easily integrate into its systems.

“We have newly established our headquarter in Verona, at the heart of intermodal operations,” said Özkan.

“Kässbohrer has the widest product range from intermodal to construction and solutions for general cargo transport. Kässbohrer's reefer is the perfect example of Kässbohrer’s Enginuity.

“As Kässbohrer we are ready to serve the Italian market with the best aftersales services and high-quality products thanks to our customer-centric approach. Svat Group has observed our vehicles and jointly decided that our K.SRI Reefer would meet their operational need perfectly. We are very glad to start a new partnership with Svat Group. We have no doubt that this partnership will continue to grow thanks to our vehicles that are equipped with advanced features and our extensive aftersales services.”

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