Joloda systems boost efficiency for UK logistics

UK-based third-party logistics provider, Great Bear Distribution, has taken delivery of two new tri-axle curtain-siders for its long-standing contract with Cereal Partners Worldwide, each fitted with Hydraroll loading systems from Joloda International.

Joloda’s specialist conveyor system, which was introduced by Great Bear to Cereal Partners' South West factory and distribution centre in 2007, incorporates a moving slipchain floor built into both the loading bay and trailer. It is capable of loading or unloading up to 30 tonnes in as little as 90 seconds – a process that would ordinarily take around 20 minutes.

The two new Don Bur 13.6-metre curtain-siders replace the original trailers that have been in constant operation since the Joloda system was installed. Each trailer clocks up around 52,000 km annually, making 12 collections and deliveries per day, 365 days a year. The significant boost in operational efficiency Joloda's slipchain technology creates has reportedly resulted in close to 35,000 hours of labour saved, which equates to €279,000.

“We've been using Joloda's automated loading technology across several of our biggest transport and distribution contracts for many years, but there is no better example of the benefits of the system than with Cereal Partners,” said Great Bear Distribution Transport Operations Manager, Colin Keegan.

Prior to the installation of the Joloda system, the Cereal Partners distribution route required four trailers, but thanks to its automated loading procedure Great Bear was able to halve the number of trailers required, saving an additional €89,300.

“Both the factory and distribution centre are now practically fully-automated, meaning with just two trailers we can achieve incredibly quick turnarounds with minimal disruption,” said Keegan.

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