NTDA talks telematics benefits

As telematic-delivered data becomes more critical to growing, the value the trailer provides should go up, and with it the entire trailer industry, according to the National Trailer Dealers Association (NTDA).

NTDA Public Relations & Meetings Manager, Brian Hall, said it may seem counter-intuitive, but economic growth almost always trumps efficiency gains.

“Trailer telematics help feet owners optimise their existing assets, getting the most use out of the trailers they already own. However, these efficiency gains have the added benefit of helping keep drivers on the road and improving freight delivery economics — these are both directly beneficial to the semi-trailer industry.

“Trucks with trailers carry more freight to more places and deliver a better overall value than other transportation modes. Improving these numbers accelerates the industry’s advantages over other delivery modes, and in a growing, on-demand economy, that’s a boon.” he said.

Hall explained that telematic is the communication of data over distance, using Global Positioning System (GPS), sensors and power sources to gather inputs from various parts of a truck-trailer combination to then send that information to the vehicle operator and other parties including fleet office, maintenance department, distribution centres and customer who might be tracking their goods.

Real-time or historic insight that optimises the trailer’s overall availability can be used to maximise the trailer’s time on the road, according to Hall.

Derek Kaufman, Managing Partner of automotive aftermarket consultancy, Schwartz Advisors, reportedly said that trailer telematics improves the freight-by-trailer mode to help grow the economy. “This will have much more of a positive impact on the trailer industry than any potential loss from  fleet owners extracting more efficiency from their existing trailer fleet.”

Hall explained that the use of telematics to maximise the value and use of existing trailers does not mean a lesser need for buying additional trailers. “Rather, it improves the economics of trailer-hauled freight even more increasing freight and thereby increasing trailer sales.”

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