Realising the dream

For two decades, Razor International has been at the forefront of semi-trailer and rigid innovation, with a focus on developing state-of-the-art electronic and automated control systems. Since starting operations in 1998, Razor has strived to providing the international market with its selection of purpose-built technology products from electronic landing legs (E-legs) to its bespoke Delta unit – an automation device that eliminates the need for manual labor when shifting a tarp.

Razor International Managing Director, Geoff Watson, is reaching out to new markets, emphasising the added value of productivity and safety when integrating Razor hardware with road transport equipment. “I attended the American Trucking Association’s 2018 Annual Meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibition (TMC Conference in Atlanta) in March this year. The aim of the visit was to expand Razor’s ever-growing dealer network,” he says – adding that the show itself was a “well-orchestrated affair” in that a large number of the attendees were members of the Technical and Maintenance Council, and there were numerous workshops conducted over the duration of the three-day event. ‘At set times during the conference, attendees visited the exhibitor show hall which showcased the best of the best in terms of the heavy transport equipment suppliers on display.”

Since the TMC Conference in Atlanta, Watson has represented Razor at the 2018 Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky as well as the National Private Transport Council’s (NPTC) event in Cincinnati, Ohio, showcasing the E-leg and the Razor Delta products.

“The heat has certainly been turned up for myself recently, but the overwhelmingly positive responses to the Razor range makes it worth the effort,” Watson says – explaining that the company has been involved in Australia’s heavy road transport industry since its inception, and is hard at work offering its products to other international markets. “Around the turn of the century, two engineers developed a product to successfully wind the landing legs on semi-trailers with a mechanical device. Patents were lodged and subsequently awarded for the Razor Landing Leg Drive Unit. The electronically controlled Razor drive unit presently has six commercial applications in Australia, which has successfully allowed Razor International to grow to dominance in the region.”

Currently, grain carriers and tipper operators throughout Australia, in particular, have achieved more efficient and safer work practices since using Razor equipment, according to Watson. “Vehicle operators can now automate the process of moving the tarps that cover trailer and tipper trays. Where traditional systems would require a vehicle operator to hand-crank the tarp apparatus, the Razor Delta allows for a more convenient method of moving the tarp without risking occupational health and safety,” he says – adding that the device has a 12-volt motor that houses a stop censor, and can also extend and retract a tarp within around 20 to 25 seconds, which is quick by most standards. “The Razor Delta when compared to the installation of previous models lets operators start the motor, equip the battery by plugging in two wires, and then you are good to go.”

Watson says that over the last five years, Razor has focused its efforts on introducing its core product range to New Zealand, China, South East Asia and now the North America and Canada. “This expansion has been a gradual process, involving partnerships with established heavy transport equipment companies that can share the benefit of supplying Razor products as part of their offering.

Following its journey of expanding into new territory, Razor has developed a new generation Razor drive unit – the Razor Delta – to facilitate product serviceability at any location in the world. Watson explains this has been the piece of the expansion puzzle that has been pivotal in extending off shore market development.

“Razor’s efforts toward the generation of international sales is progressing well and this year is beginning to bring rewards in both the US and Asia specifically, after multiple trips to both countries over the last couple of years,” he says. “The dream is becoming a reality for Razor International which has grown exponentially from a concept devised two decades ago.”

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