SAF-Holland acquires telematics specialist

Global equipment supplier, SAF-Holland, has expanded its technology portfolio for digital trailer applications, following the acquisition of UK-based telematics and connectivity specialist, Axscend.

Axscend reportedly has competency in engineering, sensor systems, electronics and software programming. The company’s solutions are intended for comprehensive digital trailer management, allowing fleet operators to cut costs and increase efficiency.

SAF-Holland said in a statement that it sees ideal combination options with its suspension systems in the area of braking performance monitoring.

“We see this technology acquisition as part of our innovation campaign for making our axles smart and contributing to the digitalisation of our trailers,” said SAF-Holland CEO, Detlef Borghardt (main image).

“We are increasingly linking our mechanical components with sensors and electronics and are working on topics such as automatic coupling of tractor unit and trailer as well as preventive maintenance.

“Axscend makes trailers intelligent and its know-how will make a noticeable contribution to accelerating our development work, especially in the field of software,” he said.

With the patented TrailerMaster Connect Connectivity solution, an intelligent interface for line connection technology, any trailer can be upgraded or retrofitted to a smart trailer with numerous data-based functions.

Data is also transmitted and evaluated while not coupled to the tractor unit, allowing fleets to make best possible use of their resources. SAF-Holland said the most important functions that can be integrated are: Checking lighting functions, optimising the load, checking maintenance status, evaluating data from tyre pressure monitoring system and Electronic Braking System (EBS), patented performance data and condition evaluation of the braking system and GPS data transmission for trailer tracking.

“Digitalisation is a great opportunity for us,” said SAF-Holland CFO, Dr Matthias Heiden (pictured above).

“In addition to the valuable know-how and the technology input, we are also interested in the subscription-based Axscend business model which is already running successfully.

“This will be an important component for us, for supplementary and completely new data-based business models,” he said.


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