ACT Research announces 59th seminar

US market research company, ACT Research, is set to host a seminar about emissions and technology in the commercial vehicle industry, next month.

ACT Research Senior Partner and General Manager, Ken Vieth, said that Seminar 59 is on target to be the best yet, with approximately 20 speakers, four panels and two breakout sessions scheduled.

“Given that ACT has been in business for more than 32 years and has completed 58 previous seminars, we understand what the future pressure points are likely to be for the transportation industry,” said Vieth.

“Our goal is to understand where we are headed near and long term, not just talk about the past. We don't believe in resting on our laurels.

“Our economic panel will discuss the impacts of the US and global economies on the transportation industry, while our dealer panelists will address how dealers are keeping up with the rapidly changing world of technology, from service to communications to products, diesel to electric to connectivity.

“The other two panels will consider the role of electrification, alternative fuels, and zero emissions in today’s commercial vehicle world, as well as how industry leaders see each impacting the industry’s future.

“Our two breakout sessions will give attendees the option to learn more about the US trailer market or the North American medium duty vehicle market, and of course, we’ll also have featured speakers discussing the current and forecasted state of the heavy duty market, freight, the used truck market, and rail’s perspective on transportation,” he said.

ACT Research’s 59th seminar – Emissions & Technology: How are society & the bottom line driving CV change? – will be held 20-22 August at The Commons, Columbus, Indiana.

Last month, ACT Research reported that US trailer production was nearly committed to Christmas.

(Image: ACT Research Senior Partner and General Manager, Ken Vieth.)

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