Strick introduces new DuoPlug

US-based OEM, Strick Trailers, has developed an upper coupler assembly component to improve equipment durability.

According to Strick, the DuoPlug uses a unique patent pending design, proven HDPE material, and has been extensively tested.

“The concept behind the innovative design of the DuoPlug is to allow moisture to escape while also keeping debris, such as mud, road grime, salt, rocks, bees, birds and even varmints, out of the internal cavities of the upper coupler assembly,” the OEM said in a statement.

“The unique patent pending design also provides simple installation/removal while ensuring a long-lasting, secure, and snug fit.

“In addition to keeping debris out of the upper coupler assembly, Strick’s DuoPlug optimises the hose/wire routing system to virtually eliminate the potential for hose/wire damage.”         

Strick’s DuoPlug will reportedly be installed on all Strick trailers from September 2018.

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