Ryder supplies moving floor trailers to Williams Transport

US commercial fleet management company, Ryder, has supplied Williams Transport with four BMI moving floor trailers fitted with the Cargo Floor system.

Two of the new trailers are replacement assets and the other two will bolster Williams’ fleet, expanding its waste and recycling operations, according to Ryder.

“We normally buy moving floor trailers so deciding to lease was a bit of a leap of faith, but the trailers are in our livery, so it feels no different to us owning them,” said Williams Transport General Manager, Malcolm Shovelton.

Ryder said in a statement that the trailers feature side-to-side electric roll-over sheets, as part of Williams’ commitment to minimise working at height risks; extra wide rubbing plates as loads tend be baled or palletised; and steel-capping around the top reel (a first for Williams that may be applied to the rest of the business’s moving floors over time).

“The spec means these new BMI trailers are a little heavier than the other ones in our fleet, but sometimes it’s worth trading a bit of weight-saving for strength,” said Shovelton.

“Most of our loads are 14 tonnes to 15 tonnes, so we’re not as payload-sensitive as some other operators.”

“We’ve dealt with Ryder on leased and rented rigid trucks and trailers for other parts of our operations – we’ve got a good history, going back seven years. It made sense to choose Ryder: they can supply pretty much any vehicle. Uptime is important to us, so Ryder’s mobile maintenance arm will look after the BMI trailers,” he said.

Ryder Business Development Director, Steve Williams, said that the business has had a great partnership with Williams for the past seven years.

“Ryder has been able to respond to the changing needs of Williams’ operation and meet Williams Transport’s specialist and bespoke vehicle specifications,” said Williams.

“We pride ourselves on listening to the needs of the marketplace and developing solutions that will help drive the industry forward, so when companies like Williams choose Ryder to continue to manage their fleets, they can focus on driving what matters to them – managing their core business and servicing their customers. We were able to be flexible in the negotiations, and look forward to continuing our partnership with Williams and cultivating our long-standing relationship.”

Last month, UK-based toiletries retailer, Bodycare, a part of the GR & MM Blackledge group, modernised its fleet with Ryder.

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