Amari Metals choose Cartwright curtain-siders

UK-based steel specialist, Amari Metals, has placed an order for four Cartwright tri-axle curtain-siders to add to its fleet.

Looking to improve the occupational health and safety features of their trailers, Cartwright had recommended using the Cartwright clear span roof design with 4.2m pillarless construction for ease of loading.

Using the new design has a number of operational benefits according to Cartwqright: driver safety is greatly improved as there is no longer the need to manually move pillars and loading is made more efficient through a full, unobstructed side access.

Amari Metals, based in Wednesbury in the West Midlands, provide high quality customised steel and stainless-steel products, copper and nickel alloys and aluminium semi-finished products.

“Safety is very important to Amari Metals because of the products we carry,” said Antonio Esposito, Transport Manager for Perkins Distribution Service Centre, which is part of Amari Metals.

“We had ordered Cartwright double deck trailers in the past and were very pleased with the quality.

“This latest order for four tri-axle curtain-siders needed to be postless for safety reasons and Cartwright came up with the solution. We were impressed by the organisation and their customer base providing trailers for the likes of Royal Mail.

“We are very satisfied with the quality and service and look forward to developing our relationship.”

UK-based logistics business, Great Bear Distribution, recently ordered 76 tri-axle curtain-siders from Cartwright to support its operations.

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