SAF-Holland innovates efficient axle repair kit

Global equipment specialist, SAF-Holland, is adding the B9 hub unit repair kit and mounting sleeve to its aftermarket product range in June.

According to SAF-Holland, the special design concept of the “convenient” mounting tool supports users during installation, preventing damage to the axle thread.

The B9 hub unit technology developed by SAF-Holland has a reduced contact surface between hub and brake disc. This reduces the temperature load on the wheel bearing to a minimum. The asymmetric ventilation channel of the B9 brake disc additionally ensures that the disc is cooled continuously and consistently, preventing it from overheating.

All B9 hub units are reportedly equipped with the current wheel bearing technology. The hub and bearing is calibrated at the factory and supplied encapsulated.

“The conversion kits for the BI9 or B9 technology allow us to repair worn brake discs and hubs quickly and with little effort, without having to remove and then re-install individual parts,” said SAF-Holland Director Product Management – Quality Aftermarket Europe, Markus Prößler. “The conversion kits are generally a fast and cost-efficient solution for replacing worn hub units.”

The old hub unit can be replaced by a new one in a single step, according to SAF-Holland. The user releases the axle nut and the brake caliper, but does not have to detach the brake disc from the hub.

“Pre-assembled components significantly reduce the installation time and therefore the downtime of the vehicle,” said Prößler.

“In addition, the conversion kit provides a substantial cost advantage over buying the individual parts,” he said – adding that the installation of original parts, which meet the legal requirements as well as the even higher quality standards of SAF-Holland, improve the service life of the axle.

To install the hub units quickly and easily without damaging the axle thread, SAF-Holland has developed a mounting tool with a special design concept. The mounting sleeve with the bevels is “screwed on”, allowing the hub unit to be removed and installed without risk of misalignment. The mounting tool is available as a SAF-HOLLAND aftermarket product for axles with drum brakes or disc brakes in thread size 82mm and 88mm.

US-based semi-trailer rental and leasing company, XTRA Lease, is installing SAF-Holland’s SAF P89 air disc brakes on more than 6,000 dry vans and reefers purchased in 2018.

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