Wabco exhibits its tech in Japan

Wabco will showcase some of its most advanced technologies at Automotive Engineering Exposition 2018 Yokohama in Japan, May 23-25.

Wabco will present its portfolio of advanced commercial vehicle control systems, including active steering and active braking, as well as electronically controlled stability systems – pioneering innovations that are supporting the industry’s vision for autonomous driving.

Differentiating Wabco products and systems on display will include active steering technology, concentric pneumatic clutch actuators and integrated automated manual transmissions, MAXX single-piston Air Disc Brakes (ADB – pictured) as well as Electronically Controlled Air Suspension Systems (ECAS) compressors and vacuum pumps for passenger cars.

“Showcasing for the first time in Japan at AEE is Wabco’s pioneering advanced steering technology,” Wabco said in a statement.

“Wabco’s ability to offer this advanced vehicle dynamics control capability leverages its recent acquisition of world-class steering technologies leader, RH Sheppard, and its long-term cooperation agreement with Nexteer Automotive, a global leader in intuitive motion control. Active steering, in combination with Wabco’s active braking capabilities, represents essential technology milestones to support the industry’s vision for fully-autonomous vehicles.

“Also making its premiere appearance in Japan at AEE is Wabco’s innovative Concentric Pneumatic Clutch Actuator (CPCA) for Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) systems. Featuring an aluminum body and compact design that enables full integration within the gearbox, it represents a significant step forward in weight reduction. Exceeding the next decade drivetrain performance benchmarks, WABCO’s AMT control technology enables efficient, cost-effective automatic shifting of gears and controls clutch actuation for commercial vehicles. Fuel economy is significantly improved through the optimised gear shifting as well as reduced component weight. As the global market leader, Wabco has sold more than four million AMT systems to date.

“Wabco’s high-performance MAXX single-piston air disc brakes provide enhanced safety and efficiency with shorter stopping distances and easier, faster maintenance over conventional drum brakes. With up to 25 per cent fewer parts compared to other ADB brands, Wabco’s MAXX ADB offer superior reliability, faster serviceability and expanded service intervals of up to twice that of traditional drum brakes.

“With quality engineering and a compact design, Wabco’s comprehensive MAXX range is suitable for light, medium, and heavy-duty truck, bus and trailer applications. Following the adoption of the technology by one of the country’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers, Wabco has launched MAXX 19 Air Disc Brakes series production for the Japan market to better meet local customers’ needs.

“Wabco has more than 50 years of vacuum pump production expertise. With ultra-low power consumption, WABCO’s Vacuum Pumps provide savings of up to 1.5 g CO2 / km.

“Wabco’s Electronically Controlled Air Suspension for cars and light commercial vehicles (LCVs) enable optimum ride heights to be set irrespective of vehicle load weights, thereby providing improved driver comfort and road handling.”

Wabco President – Asia Pacific, Sujie Yu, said that as the industry moves towards a vision for increasing autonomous driving, Wabco is powerfully positioned to develop and integrate the advanced vehicle control technologies that will progressively make this vision a reality. “Leveraging our global technology leadership, innovative modular systems and well-established local presence, Wabco is fully committed to differentiate in its offering to original equipment manufacturers and fleet operators in this region.”

“Building on our unrivalled track-record of pioneering innovation, we are proud to introduce some of our latest technologies in Japan, including our leading active steering capability, which represents an important milestone in the control of vehicle dynamics for autonomous driving of commercial vehicles,” said Wabco Japan Business Leader, Osamu Saito. “We are delighted to continue to deliver differentiated solutions to support Japan’s original equipment manufacturers in producing ever safer and more efficient commercial vehicles.”

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