Kässbohrer strengthens Olof MTT’S intermodal fleet

European transport business, Olof MTT, has added 50 Kässbohrer Mega Trailers to its 425-strong fleet, bolstering its international capabilities.

Olof MTT provides transportation solutions to customers from Benelex, France and Germany. The business will use the new trailers to offer train loading systems, reinforce roll on/roll off transportation as well as increase pallet capacity to 34.

According to Kässbohrer, 40 units from the new order are Kässbohrer Mega Curtain-siders, featuring robust, functional bodies as well as sliding curtain and roof systems, and 10 Mega Trailers, which are produced with a load stopper system between the roof and the floor to optimise white goods transportation.

Kässbohrer Mega Trailers have unique suspension design and are suitable for both huckepack and ferry transportation and meet the challenges of complex intermodal loading and unloading operations. These vehicles provide maximum efficiency in all road conditions and every kind of cargo operations in Europe. With the patented multi-point K-FIX Load Securing System, Kässbohrer Mega Trailers ensure securing various forms of cargo quickly, flexibly in 236 points and with the utmost reliability of 2,5 tons capacity at each strapping point.

“With the special and distinctive products that Kässbohrer offers for all types of needs, we can address different logistics requirements of our wide variety of customers,” said Olof MTT owner, Rene Louwers.

“Kässbohrer Mega Trailers will leverage our capabilities with their high-transportation capacity, the options that fully meet our requirements; operational ease, strength and hassle-free operation,” he said.

Kässbohrer continues to be the solution partner for transportation and logistics sector by offering the best quality and services to its customers.

“As Kässbohrer, we’re operating in more than 55 countries and offering more than 800 different types of products, we’re meeting the requirements of the international transportation industry.” said Kässbohrer Key Account Manager, Mehmet Önen.

“Our Mega Trailers are designed to operate flawlessly in as many countries as possible to offer our customers minimum hassle when they’re changing from country to country within Europe. These vehicles used in road, sea and rail freight transportation are required to operate trouble-free and be fully compatible with different transportation modes.

“With extra supports under chassis, Kässbohrer vehicles become suitable for Huckepack. The 4×2 Ro Ro rings, robust design and special reinforcements make them choice products for ferry transportations. Olof MTT has an extensive, global network and is a very reliable partner in the intermodal transportation range. We are pleased to have this collaboration with Olof MTT and hope to be the long-term partner with our intermodal transportation solutions,” he said.

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