Idem Telematics reinforces EU sales strategy

German technology company, Idem Telematics, has welcomed a new Head of Sales to lead its European operations.

Florian Modrich has been overseeing Idem Telematics sales team since December 2017, and in his current appointment as Head of Sales is now responsible for distributing truck and trailer telematics systems throughout Europe.

Modrich holds a degree in engineering, has accumulated extensive professional experience, and is now looking forward to honing his employer’s sales processes and steering it to further success.

“Keeping close to customers takes utmost priority, in particular by actively nurturing our contacts,” said Modrich.

“We also intend to showcase our new solutions in the most effective way by focusing on their benefits,” he said.

“We are delighted to welcome Florian Modrich on board,” said Idem Telematics Managing Director, Jens Zeller. “He is a highly skilled expert who possesses a wealth of knowledge in the field of marketing and sales. He has bolstered our position as we embark on a crucial drive to develop our telematics business in Europe.”

According to BPW, the national and international sales and consulting teams of Idem Telematics have already been enlarged for this purpose. Modrich is the first point of contact for these advisers and the diverse business challenges they face every day.

“I discovered during the first few weeks here that the prospects are very bright,” said Modrich. “The team members are open with each other, well qualified and friendly – and I feel very much at home. For me, an attitude to work that focuses on problem solving is key, and I’m sure that we can adopt the necessary practices here together.”

Before joining Idem Telematics, Modrich was employed for 16 years by United Navigation, which develops and supplies high-end hardware and software in the mobile navigation segment. One of its brands is truck navigation aftermarket business, Becker. For the last nine years Modrich was the company’s head of sales.

(Image: Idem Telematics Head of Sales, Florian Modrich.)

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