Stemco reveals latest fuel-saving technology

US commercial vehicle component specialist, Stemco, has announced its latest TrailerTail Automatic fuel-saving system.

According to Stemco, the latest version of the TrailerTail Automatic deploys automatically when the trailer reaches 35 miles per hour (56km/h), ensuring fuel savings and eliminating the need for the vehicle operator to manually open it.

The Automatic system also reportedly closes the TrailerTail when the truck stops or reverses, preventing damage to the TrailerTail, trailer or dock doors. Closing the TrailerTail only when the vehicle comes to a full stop reduces the number of cycles the unit has to go through, minimising component wear and tear. Also, if the trailer loses power, the TrailerTail will automatically close, allowing access to cargo.

TrailerTail, acquired by Stemco in 2015, has become a staple of the roadways across the United States and Canada, with more than 55,000 units currently in use.  According to Stemco, TrailerTail Trident provides a proven and SmartWay certified 5 per cent fuel saving, and has also been EPA certified as a Bin 3 device.

The Stemco TrailerTail improves fuel economy by streamlining airflow at the back of the trailer to reduce rear drag and increase fuel efficiency. It also improves safety by helping to stabilise trailers and increase visibility for drivers.

The TrailerTail Automatic receives reliable speed and direction signals from Stemco’s wheel-mounted TracBat Aero speed sensor. The TracBat Aero is based on the existing Stemco DataTrac & TracBat electronic hubodometers which are used extensively by fleets. The accuracy, reliability and durability of the TracBat has been proven by thousands of units on the roads covering millions of miles over the last 10 years.

“Every trip is an opportunity for the TrailerTail Automatic to deliver fuel savings,” said Stemco Segment Business Leader for ITMS, Prashanth Kamath. “We know that truck drivers have many responsibilities, and TrailerTail Automatic eliminates the need for drivers to open or close the TrailerTail. It also ensures that fleets realise an average of 5 per cent fuel savings, and maintenance managers don’t have to deal with damage to TrailerTail or dock doors due to drivers forgetting to close the TrailerTail. The new TrailerTail Automatic showcases our commitment to making the driver’s job easier, improving fuel economy, reducing damage, and—above all else—making the roadways safer.”

The new TrailerTail Automatic will be available in Q3 2018, and will be compatible with new trailers and also as a retrofit for existing TrailerTail Trident models.

Last year, Stemco, announced the purchase of Commercial Vehicle Components (CVC), a manufacturer of air disc brake and medium duty hydraulic disc brake pads.

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