CV Show 2018 news roundup

With the UK-based Commercial Vehicle Show 2018 held at NEC Birmingham wrapping up for the year, Global Trailer has a look at the latest industry announcements.

Northern Irish OEM, SDC Trailers, unveiled its Hydraulic Lifting Deck Curtain-sider alongside other semi-trailer builds.

“We are delighted to be back at the CV Show in 2018, showcasing the latest trailer innovations from SDC,” said SDC CEO, Enda Cushnahan. “Our engineering and sales teams have been collectively working together to design smart trailers for the industry that will provide many economic benefits for the operator. The CV show is an excellent networking event as it gives us the opportunity to engage with customers and suppliers.”

The Cartwright Group has revealed its ‘lifting roof’ prototype double deck box van trailer, which can accommodate 95 cages (as opposed to the standard 75 cages at this specified travelling height).

Cartwright said it expects its prototype to achieve fuel savings of up to five per cent due to its increased payload capacity and operational efficiency potential.

The tandem axle low-height (4m overall height) double deck trailer has independent suspension, aerodynamic cappings, ground access sliding rail and one-piece panels made in-house, giving it a more streamlined and improved aesthetic shape and a massive improvement in aerodynamics. Built to European height specification, the design can readily be adapted to suit other configurations.

Cartwright’s light weight box body is a robust, durable, conventional 7.2 tonne box van of bonded construction which maintains the body gap between cab and box, giving a “quieter and more comfortable ride for the driver, and greater versatility for the fleet owner allowing for remounting of the body”, delivering payloads of up to 3.5 tonnes.

Cartwright also displayed its CFS (Cartwright Fleet Services) service van. “This vehicle also embodies the Group’s ‘one-stop-shop’ approach as a product supplied by CFS, with the van converted through Cartwright Conversions, financed by Cartwright Finance and available to rent through Cartwright Rentals.”

Trailer and rigid body OEM, Don-Bur, exhibited its custom spec’d 15.65m Longer Semi-Trailer (LST) for Argos, incorporating low height and a step-frame chassis. These Don-Bur LSTs are reportedly availabe in two sizes in the UK: 14.6m and 15.65.

Don-Bur also highlighted its tri-axle Blade panel box van construction, which is fitted with three-quarter length 10-tonne capacity lifting deck for loading two UK pallets with their longest length across the width.

The OEM also showcased its range of smart features including the EBS-Safe connection warning system and Leg-Safe, a landing leg safety system.

German trailer builder, Kögel, exhibited its Kögel Cargo and Kögel trailer axle (KTA).

UK OEM, Paneltex, displayed its home delivery and urban vehicles, emphasising its temperature-controlled body designs.

The 11.4m twin-axle dual compartment Urban trailer with self-tracking-rear axle featured a Dearman undermount refrigeration unit with dual evaporators and zero emission nitrogen expansion engine.

For the final mile market, Paneltex presented its Ford Transit. According to the OEM, the Paneltex side loading refrigerated home delivery body has a very low access height, eliminating the need for a side step. The triple compartment body covers ambient, chilled and frozen goods in a single body and features a lightweight Paneltex GRP-moulded door frame. The vehicle also has the Paneltex GRP-moulded air deflector for improved refrigeration performance and aerodynamics.

Transdek UK was awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise on 21 April for its achievement in innovation. The OEM showcased its Fixed Double Deck Wedge Trailer at the CV Show. The Wedge Trailer reportedly offers a 52-pallet capacity with the ability to accommodate taller loads, such as roll cages or pallets (up to 1862mm high on both decks), due to a distinctive kink in the body (patent granted). This unique body design adds additional height at the neck to accommodate full height loads, allowing for extra volume and payload compared to standard powered deck alternatives. The Wedge Trailer can also be fitted with V-Glide sash type rear doors, another patented feature developed by Transdek, for faster and safer loading and unloading of goods.

Following trends in sustainability and aerodynamic efficiency, Gray & Adams’ CV Show stand included two temperature-controlled semi-trailers.

To reduce drag, Waitrose’s ‘Ultra-low carbon’ trailer features a ‘boat tail’ design with slightly tapered side walls and a smooth underside, open at the back. Other wind-cheating enhancements include Gray & Adams’ large radius panel cappings and side skirts. This trailer employs a Carrier Vector 1950 multi-temperature refrigeration system that can also be powered electrically from the CNG (compressed natural gas).

Built for high-profile Newmarket-based haulier, Turners (Soham), the Gray & Adams’ second 13.6m trailer has an aerodynamically efficient sloping rear roof profile and is fitted with a Thermo King SL Spectrum multi-temperature refrigeration unit.

Completing the Gray & Adams line-up is a 3.5-tonne Vauxhall Vivano with insulated box body and single-temperature Carrier Xarios 200 fridge in the colours of Eat Mair Fish, of Buckie, on Scotland’s Moray Firth coast.

Other exhibitors at CV Show 2018 included Tiger Trailers and Chereau.

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