US net trailer orders are up

The preliminary estimate for March 2018 net trailer orders is 29,500 units, according to US market research group, ACT Research.

“Strong freight demand and tight capacity have encouraged fleets to continue to invest in new equipment,” said Act Research Director – CV Transportation Analysis and Research.

“Improving freight rates will positively impact their profitability, and the recent implementation of significant business tax cuts further contributes to their ability to expand and modernize operations.

“March was the 16th consecutive month with year-over-year order gains for the trailer industry, closing a quarter that was up 28 per cent versus last year. Examination of these preliminary results indicates widespread strength. While dry and reefer trailers should both post year-over-year net order gains above 40 per cent, solid results were evident across the vocational trailer categories as well,” he said.

Maly said that with springtime barely underway, orders placed in upcoming months, depending on the trailer category, could come with delivery dates deep into the fourth quarter. “The industry’s average backlog pushes into November, although that horizon is strongly influenced by both dry vans and reefers.”

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