Meiller introduces weight-optimised tipper range

German tipper specialist, Meiller, has developed the 44 Light Series, boasting tare weights of up to 4,360kg.

According to Meiller, the magic number in the construction industry has long been ‘5,000’, referring to the tipping semi-trailers' tare weight. The OEM said it is “going on the offensive’ with a tare of 4,360kg.

“The consistently weight-optimised types by Meiller are aimed at being used on-road, carrying loads of normal bulk material and small gravel sizes,” said Meiller. “Furthermore, Meiller offers a modular system with optimised payload. Tipping semi-trailer vehicles can thus be configured for a broad range of applications.”

The OEM said a new chassis frame forms the solid basis of all Meiller light tippers. “Calculated based on the Finite Element Method (FEM) and verified in systematic test drives, the ladder-type frame systematically reduces the tare weight by 320 kilograms without compromising on stability. Comparatively low longitudinal members, lowered cross members and an optimised skid plate – at the areas where parts are mounted, the longitudinal members are reinforced. Wherever possible, weight is reduced by additional holes.”

Peter Hammers, head of development at Meiller, said the OEM’s technicians refuse to compromise on tipping stability and driving characteristics. “Our test system is much tougher, during practical use tipping semi-trailers do not usually undergo such extreme treatment.”

The light semi-trailer type, LHPA 443, with an aluminium half-pipe tipper body, in its basic version equipped by Meiller with 7mm floor and 5mm side walls, reportedly offers the highest payload.

“Customers can choose between a rectangular body made from light alloy or a weight-optimised half-pipe tipper body made from steel,” said Meiller ¬– adding that the OEM will, on request, slim the side walls and floors down to 3mm for the side walls and 4mm for the floor. “There is also an option of reinforcing areas in the rear exposed to greatest wear and tear with tailored blanks to protect against abrasion. Here, Meiller always uses highly wear-resistant VS120 fine-grained steel.”

Meiller has also reduced the weight of the axles, offering a choice between weight-optimised axles from BPW or SAF-Holland. “BPW’s forged aluminium wheel hub saves up to 18 kg per axle, the SAF axle features an integrated functional suspension arm that protects brake cylinders and shock absorbers.”

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