Mercedes-Benz includes trailers in new Uptime program

German truck OEM, Mercedes-Benz, has added trailers to the list of equipment covered by the company’s recently launched Uptime telematics service.

Using a series of sensors, Mercedes-Benz is hoping to centrally monitor component wear across the entire truck/trailer combination and manage maintenance schedules digitally.

Upon rollout, the program will focus on the trailer's brake system only, the OEM explained in a media statement.

“At the first stage the following three main systems are checked: air supply to the brake and air suspension, the brake actuation and the trailer socket,” Mercedes-Benz shared.

“If leakage occurs in the pneumatic brake circuit of the trailer/semitrailer, this is detected and reported by the system.”

According to Mercedes-Benz, the company will access data via the conventional trailer socket on the truck, as well as pneumatics interfaces and the CAN-bus.

Stefan Buchner, Head of Mercedes-Benz’ truck division, said: “The aim of Mercedes-Benz Uptime is to achieve a significant long-term increase in the availability of the entire [truck-trailer] combination by transmitting the vehicle data.

“The networking module sends the entire combination's data to the Mercedes-Benz Service server via the truck. Here the data are continuously monitored, interpreted within a matter of seconds and, if necessary, specific action recommendations are issued.

“This means that the truck is in constant contact with the carrier's fleet manager, the Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance Centre in Maastricht and the Mercedes-Benz service workshop responsible for the customer.”

He added, “Critical states in the truck and the trailer can thus be detected at an early stage and preventive maintenance or repairs carried out – reducing the likelihood of breakdowns and dormant vehicles.”

In order to use the extended feature, Mercedes-Benz Uptime customers reportedly do not have to invest in new hardware – the new services are automatically activated free of charge and available for a range of trailer models.

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