Autamarocchi invests in Kässbohrer intermodal equipment

Italian transport company, Autamarocchi, has taken delivery of 70 new, intermodal-ready semi-trailers designed and manufactured by German specialist, Kässbohrer.

Responding to increasing demand for intermodal transport services across Europe, Autamarocchi opted for Kässbohrer’s K.SCC Ferry Coil curtain-sider model, as well as the company’s K.SHG L Light Container Chassis as a means to retain maximum operational flexibility, according to a Kässbohrer communiqué.

“Autamarocchi, the leading solutions provider in intermodal haulage, [chose] Kässbohrer to ensure reliability and efficiency in their operations,” the German OEM shared – revealing that the company’s durable chassis design was key to sealing the deal.

“Intermodal transportation requires durable and strong chassis because the operational processes are challenging,” Kässbohrer explained, with Ervino Harej, General Manager at Autamarocchi, confirming: “It is mandatory to have a robust chassis [to handle] challenging operational loadings efficiently.”

Harej added, “We are aware of that and worked with Kässbohrer time after time to ensure maximum stability. Also the delivery time of Kässbohrer and competitive advantage among other manufacturers make the partnership important for Autamarocchi.”

While Harej said he had already been already aware of the fact that Kässbohrer’s K.SCC Ferry Coil model was well suited to both inter- and multi-modal transportation, the OEM’s K.SHG L container chassis was a new addition to the fleet.

Capable of carrying 40 to 45-foot containers as well as swap bodies, it made its commercial debut at the 2016 IAA Commercial Vehicle Show and has since been one of Kässbohrer’s best-selling models across all ranges.

Kässbohrer has reportedly supported Autamarocchi’s intermodal fleet expansion for the past seven years – making it a central part of the company’s long-term growth strategy.

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