Krone Box Liner promotes intermodal efficiency

German trailer manufacturer, Krone, has unveiled its Box Liner with extendable chassis, providing improved handling capabilities for container operators.

Krone presented the multifunctional Box Liner SDC27 eLTU70 chassis at this year’s Transport Compleet show in Hardenberg, eastern Netherlands, emphasising its flush-fit rear loading for 20- 45-foot containers.

According to Krone, it uses higher strength steel but even so, the chassis weighs only 4,600 kilograms and owing to the flush-fit container positioning, weight distribution is significantly better than comparable container chassis.

Frankfurt-based intermodal operator, Kombiverkehr, has reported a payload advantage of almost one tonne using a 20-foot container and Krone Box Liner chassis with a 6-tonne fifth wheel load, operating at a gross vehicle weight of 28 tonnes.

Weight saving is reportedly due mainly to the compact rear-end design, although Krone has not compromised on strength: the longitudinal beams are constructed from 40mm high-grade steel and the 20-foot container is positioned further forward which brings the center of gravity closer to the kingpin.

Krone has invested about €8.5 million in a new distribution centre, responding to demand for parts in the commercial vehicle sector.

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