Haar Australia provides aviation fuel system for New Zealand

Pump and metering equipment supplier, Haar Australia, has attained Trade Measurement Unit approval from New Zealand’s Measurement Standards Laboratory for its PreciFUEL aviation fuel metering systems.

This approval allows PreciFUEL to be used for custody transfer of all aviation fuels in New Zealand. In 2016, PreciPURE and PreciTURBO metering systems received New Zealand weight and measures approvals.

PreciFUEL is a complete fuel metering and operational control system for aviation fuelling vehicles, which is based on the Alfons Haar PreciCONTROL metering technology.
PreciCONTROL fuelling technology was introduced to the Australian fuel industry through the Australian arm of the German fuelling equipment company, Haar Australia, in 2012, revolutionising the fuel metering industry in Australia with the introduction of gravity metering, and the industry-first single pump single meter system for a dual petrol and diesel delivery system.

“Over the last six years, our PreciCONTROL metering systems have become an industry standard in Australia, and it was a natural progression for us to make the range available in New Zealand,” said Haar Australia Managing Director, Ivan Lawrie.

“The New Zealand market is very similar to where we saw most of our success in Australia, in the rural sector and smaller fuel distributors with a mixed industrial, agricultural and commercial customer base.

“We had a tremendous amount of industry support there for the introduction of new technology, and once we found the right partner we quickly sought approvals and established ourselves.

“We met with Lowes Industries in Christchurch and quickly found that they had similar values to us in providing sales, installation and technical support and would make a great partner to take our metering systems to market in New Zealand.

“We were also lucky enough to work with Touchstar who were rolling out their on-board computing system to a common customer’s fleet, and with our FTL communications systems implemented a comprehensive load and order plan system through the Alfons Haar driver interface. This takes the scheduling information and presents it on our screen at the vehicle, which removes a huge amount of work from the driver, guiding them through the delivery. We will be implementing the same technology through our PreciFUEL aviation fuelling system,” he said.

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