SAF-Holland expands lubricant potential

Global equipment specialist, SAF-Holland, is expanding the potential applications of its central lubricant distributor, CentroLube.

According to SAF-Holland, the automatic lubrication system, which is installed directly on trailer ballraces and supplies all lubrication points with lubricant from just one supply point, is the ideal solution for city trailers specially designed for inner-city delivery services.

“The growing volume of delivery traffic in narrow city centres is placing high demands on the trailers that are used,” SAF-Holland said in a statement. “They must be robust and have a large loading capacity, but also need to be flexible and extremely maneuverable. City trailers often have an active steering system with several ballraces, which must all be optimally lubricated to function properly.”

SAF-Holland Product Manager – OEM Europe, Nemanja Miletić, said that many original equipment solutions rely on single distributors with the same number of lubricant inputs and outputs for lubricant as the number of lubricant points. “Maintaining these lubricant distributors on the ballrace takes time, as the workshop has to work on each lubrication point separately. Our CentroLube central lubricant distributor, which distributes the lubricant from just one supply point, is considerably easier to handle and is really practical for city trailers.”

SAF-Holland said that its central distribution system lubricates the entire ballrace from a single lubrication point and can therefore be easily connected to an automatic central lubrication system.

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