Langendorf adds to tipper range

German OEM, Langendorf, in partnership with Polish manufacturer, Wielton, has extended its semi-trailer tipper range, introducing four SMART models.

The SMART tipper range includes a steel half-pipe tipper, steel scrap tipper, aluminium tipper body and aluminium large-volume tipper variations.

“The SMART line completes the range of aluminum tippers from lightweight to heavy duty,” Langendorf said in a statement.

“All SMART tippers originate from large-scale production. Therefore, the advantages of the assembly line production are combined with the individual equipment details typical for Langendorf. These are maintained also for industrial production and thus allow an individualisation for the customers' applications.”

The SMART large-volume tippers are made of steel with a volume up to 51m³, and are available with an empty weight starting from 7,800 kg, according to Langendorf. Due to the use of high-tensile steel in the chassis, the tipping box can be made from original Hardox HB 450 without increasing the empty weight.

Also for the SMART steel half-pipe tippers, the tipping boxes are made from original Hardox HB 450. The conical box shape and the front wall inclined by 20° reportedly ensures optimised unloading – especially for sticky loads. With a loading volume of 26 m³, these tippers are available with an empty weight starting from 5,600kg.

The German OEM has also said the aluminium tipper bodies of the SMART range have a front wall inclined by 20°. “With 110 Brinell, the aluminium profiles are extremely resistant against abrasion. With a floor thickness of 5mm and a volume of 25m³, these vehicles are available with an empty weight starting from 4,700kg.”

The SMART aluminium large-volume tippers, also known as agricultural tippers, according to Langendorf, features a loading volume of over 50m³. “The inclined front wall and the high tipping angle of 46° enable excellent unloading. In the basic configuration, these large-volume tippers can be delivered with an empty weight starting from 5,500 kg.”

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