Swiss business relies on Kässbohrer innovation

Swiss transport company, Friderici Spécial, has specified Kässbohrer trailing equipment to better manage its freight tasks.

Friderici Spécial Fleet Manager, Théo Duperrex, had taken delivery of a Kässbohrer K.SLL 2, low-loader extendable semi-trailer with detachable gooseneck, last year to replace construction equipment that had broken down on-route between Langenthal and Geneva in Switzerland.

“For these situations and in these tight areas, the drivers make lots of effort to move the vehicle,” said Duperrex.

“With the K.SSL 2, manoeuvring is achievable in half the time when compared to a standard vehicle. This feature makes Kässbohrer K.SLL 2 different from its competitors and helps us in many challenged works,” he said.

The K.SLL 2 is engineered for the demanding requirements of heavy transportation, including low-loaders with two-to-four axles, equipped with hydraulic steering and pneumatic suspension, and width options of 2,540mm and 2,740mm, according to Kässbohrer. The detachable gooseneck can be used to load or extend the beam. Duperrex mentioned that the detachable gooseneck as well as the additional front ramps, allow easy front loading and unloading onsite.

“Kässbohrer has many strengths,” said Duperrex, explaining that the K.SLL 2 is user-friendly and multifunctional functional.

“Special goods can be carried safely with this special chassis construction. A competitive all-purpose vehicle for our daily business makes it one of our best vehicles for the small building equipment transfer.

“For Friderici Spécial, Kässbohrer is definitively becoming a strong partner with innovative solutions, technical support and service quality,” he said.

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