Chereau unveils multiplexed semi-trailer

French OEM, Chereau, introduced its first new generation refrigerated semi-trailer to use Controller Area Network (CAN) bus technology at trade show, Solutrans, last November.

The Chereau Next (New Experience Trailer) reportedly has systems that communicate with each other for the purpose of automating numerous functions and developing new ones while increasing comfort, efficiency and safety for hauliers.

“The process involves grouping the vehicle's key components into a single network using sensors, enabling all the data relating to their use to be gathered at a single point, from which these components are able to interact,” Chereau said in a statement. “Although, at a glance, the vehicle does not appear to have changed much, its multiplexed architecture has revolutionised everything.”

Chereau was awarded the Silver Award for an innovative telematics technology, allowing a series of functions to be automated to improve safety and operational efficiency at Solutrans 2017.

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