Elflein bolsters fleet with Kögel

German transport business, Elflein Spedition & Transport, has taken delivery of 61 Kögel semi-trailers, optimising fuel efficiency.

Elflein has invested in Kögel Euro Trailer Mega Rails and two-axle Mega semi-trailers, according to the OEM.

“Each of the 10 new Euro Trailer Mega Rails offers the company space for a total of 37 Euro pallets,” Kögel said in a statement.

“That's four-pallet bays more per trailer than provided by a standard Mega trailer. The ecological and economic benefits are clear: Up to 10 per cent less fuel consumption, up to 10 per cent less CO2 emissions, and – with an average utilisation of 80 per cent – every 10th journey can be eliminated.

“Based on the legal requirements in Germany, these elongated trailers can naturally be used for combined transport, too. Thanks to the gripper edges integrated into the frame, gripper jaw tarpaulin protection and the special axles in the rail design, the Euro Trailer Mega Rail trailers can be loaded onto transport trains.

“The trailers are, of course, certified in accordance with DIN EN 12642 Code XL. For optimal load-securing, the VarioFix perforated steel external frame is equipped with 15 pairs of lashing rings in the standard design, each ring affording 2,000 kg of tensile force,” said Kögel.

The two-axle volume semi-trailers are fitted with a reinforced chassis for 10-tonne axles, according to Kögel. Elflein will reportedly benefit from lower tare weight and smoother running as the distance between axles is 1,810mm and the build is specified to cut fuel and operational costs.

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