Cartwright develops bespoke curtain-sider

UK retailer, Poundworld, has developed a unique trailer in collaboration with OEM, Cartwright Group, following the successful trial of a concept curtain-sider that can fit up to 52 pallets.

Poundworld required a bespoke double deck curtain-sider with a tapered design to allow for smaller items to be packed toward the front, with taller pallets loaded at the rear, using the available space as efficiently as possible.

The challenge was to produce a trailer that could utilise the existing fleet of standard height prime movers, according to Cartwright.

The new trailers will join Poundworld’s 100-strong fleet.

Poundworld National Transport Manager, Mark Heathershaw, has applauded the new designs.

“We are delighted,” said Heathershaw. “Just shows that with determination and thinking outside the box, nothing is impossible. The driving experience of the Cartwright trailers is much better than a standard double decker. Our drivers are very happy. What a stunning trailer it is.”

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