Navantia invests in Cometto

Spanish shipbuilding company, Navantia, has received nine modular combinations of self-propelled MSPE 48t trailers from Italian trailer builder, Cometto.

The delivery includes five 6-axle modules type MSPE 6/4/2,43 48t four 4-axle modules type MSPE 4/2/2,43 48t and two power packs with an output of 368kW each (equipped with the new Scania engine), according to Cometto.

“Besides the impressive payload capacity, this self-propelled trailer excels thanks to the versatility in configuration and its maneuverability,” the Italian OEM said in a statement. “The MSPE 48t also offers the best compromise between platform dimension, load performance and investment.”

One 6-axle MSPE module can reach a gross weight of 288 tonnes, which Cometto has said is amazing power on wheels.

“Navantia is one of the main players in design and construction of hi-tech military vessels and civil vessels around the world,” said Cometto Export Area Manager, Alessandro Giordano.

“The MSPE from Cometto offers the usual interchangeability and system expandability to adapt to any future needs of the customer,” he said.

“The flexibility of Cometto allows specific solutions, also with regard to the tyres,” said Cometto Product Manager, Simone Ricca. “These modules are equipped with solid rubber tyres as requested from the customer, assuring highest payload capacity and an excellent safety-factor.”

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