Kässbohrer signs agreement with Russian association

Russia’s Association of International Road Carriers (AIRC) has signed a cooperation agreement with German OEM, Kässbohrer, to modernise its fleets.

The agreement to increase efficiency and effectiveness in transportation was signed by AIRC Vice President, Sergey Baklitsky, and Kässbohrer Chairman of the Board, Çetin Nuhoğlu on December 14 in Kässbohrer’s factory in Tula, Russia.

Kässbohrer has said it will reinforce the fleets of Russian transport companies with its products in accordance with the expectations and requirements of AIRC’s member companies.

“We visited the Adapazarı Plant before we made the agreement and we were very impressed,” said Baklitsky.

“Kässbohrer is a brand which we have known for a long time with its latest technology products and quality. We are convinced that our transporters will overcome the harsh climate and geographical conditions in Russia thanks to Kässbohrer products that they will increase the quality of their business.”

Nuhoğlu has said that Kässbohrer’s cooperation with AIRC started with matching targets. products w benefit from this usage and stated that their cooperation with

“AIRC is a very strong non-governmental organisation,” said Nuhoğlu.

“We are proud to work with a forward-looking and distinguished non-governmental organisation that protects the interests of its members to the end, and that works for the development of the industry in line with the changes in the world.

“We did not come to Russia temporarily. We believed in the Russian market from the very beginning, with our sales office in 2010 and our factory in 2011. All our products we produce in our facilities with an open area of 54,000 m² and a closed area of 9,500 m² are ‘made in Russia’.

“Next year we will build a new additional production line in our Yasnagorsk plant with a closed area of 8,000 m².

“The quality and specifications of the trailer used are very important because Russia has very harsh geographical and climatic conditions. Thanks to our achievements in engineering and our R&D, we produce products which have proven themselves in Russian conditions in our Tula Plant.

“We have a great know-how on trailers throughout the world and thus we have our proven engineering achievement as a result. Our clients in Russia will be able to use all our better, safer, more modern and state-of-the-art products, not only as a result of our know-how in Russia but also as a result of our total competence,” he said.

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