Franzosini orders rail-loadable Kögel trailers

Swiss freight forwarding company, SA Luciano Franzosini, has chosen new Kögel Cargo Rails to replenish its fleet.

“The trailers designed for multimodal transport are equipped with a reinforced chassis frame,” the OEM said in a statement.

“The gripper edges integrated into the frame, a gripper jaw tarpaulin protection and special axles in a rail design allow the Cargo Rail trailers to be loaded on rails.

“The new trailers are designed for the flexible loading onto the most common rail pocket wagons of type C, D, E, F, G and H. Of course, the trailers are also certified according to DIN EN 12642 Code XL and are therefore approved for transport by express freight train at speeds up to 140 km/h.”

Kögel said that its standard integral roof tarpaulin has integrated roof straps, preventing straps from snagging on loads.

Franzosini reportedly specified optional accessories including a mechanical-hydraulic lifting roof to increase the lateral and rear transfer height to more than three metres for easier loading and unloading.

“A 720-millimetre-long transition plate, made of steel chequer plate, is mounted above the rear end beam,” said Kögel.

“To protect the interior of the front wall from damage during everyday use, it has been fitted with a two-millimetre-thick steel sheet, which is 2,500 millimetres high.

“For enhanced impact protection, the rear of the vehicle is equipped with reinforced steel rubber bumpers. An eight-millimetre-thick lateral steel bracket, extending over the entire width, and locking cam protection, mounted centrally on the end plate of the frame, completes the trailer's impact protection.”

The OEM also applied a cathodic dip-paint coating to provide Cargo Rail surfaces with corrosion protection, supplemented by a UV varnish.

Kögel has forecast that it will produce 15,000 semitrailers in 2017, aiming to achieve a turnover of €400 million.

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