TRT optimises trailer build for Australian company

New Zealand-based heavy equipment specialist, Tidd Ross Todd (TRT) has designed and manufactured a widening eight-line platform trailer for Australian company, Mactrans Heavy Haulage.

TRT has said that it consulted with Mactrans to design a trailer to be optimised for 70-120 tonne freight tasks as well as manoeuvrability and load variation.

“The trailer has a centre spine with two widening decks that expand its width from 3350mm to 4880mm,” TRT said in a statement.

“There is 18m of clear deck behind the neck to the inside the ramps, and 855mm lowered height for easy loading. The deck is manufactured with a positive camber and TRT’s innovative coaming rail to help optimise load stability.”

According to TRT, the trailer has 16 axles, 64 wheels and eight spares.

“The BPW axles have been specifically designed to fit the trailer design,” said TRT. “All axles have command steer via the slew ring, hydraulic rams and linkage to each axle. This maintains a positive steering system in forward and reverse.

“With a trailer of 23m in length, it is critical to provide consistency in manoeuvrability in any direction.”

The trailer has been designed with TRT’s exclusive live hydraulic compensating ‘Gooseneck’, which allows the trailer to be lifted and lowered.

“The ‘live’ component means it moves with the terrain when travelling, providing constant traction over the drive axles for optimal travel off-highway,” said TRT. “This helps minimise the chance of damage to the equipment and load, improves travel time and the longevity of the trailer.”

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