UK business purchases Dennison curtain-siders

UK-based plastic drainage system supplier and distributor, Cherry Drainage Pipes, purchased six curtain-siders from Dennison Trailers to improve its transportation tasks.

Dennison Trailers has said that it was confident that the trailers would be perfectly suited to meet the company’s individual requirements.

“Not only did Cherry Drainage Pipes feel that our service was second to none, but they told us that we made sure they never felt like they were just a number, always treating them as valued individuals in our communications with them,” Dennison Trailers said in a statement. “This is something that Dennison Trailers strives to achieve in all our work, this explains how the company heard about us to begin with, by having our name recommended by other hauliers they spoke to.”

“The service we received from Dennison Trailers was exceptional, with all of their team going above and beyond to meet our needs,” said Cherry Drainage Pipes Transport Manager, Neal. “Offering us a great customer experience from the start, the company really couldn't do more for us.”

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