Knapen Trailers uses BPW suspension

Netherlands-based moving floor trailer manufacturer, Knapen Trailers, will equip its trailers with BPW air suspension Eco Air Compact HD (EAC HD).

The Dutch company has said that moving floor trailers and their running gear are exposed to extreme stresses during loading and unloading operations, which is why a rugged design is essential.

The manufacturer is now fitting its vehicles with the EAC HD, which is a reinforced variant of BPW’s modular air suspension with two-part cast trailing arms. It has reportedly been further improved for the challenges encountered by nine-tonne axles with drum or disc brakes.

“Development work on our moving floor trailers focuses on extremely low operating and maintenance costs and the shortest possible downtimes,” said Knapen Trailers Sales Director, Jandrik Knapen. “In this context the running gear also has to satisfy strict requirements. BPW’s Eco Air Compact HD certainly meets our expectations in regards to running gear ruggedness and quality.”

“EAC HD is an excellent choice for tippers as well,” Knapen Trailers said in a statement, “The interfaces between the axle and air suspension are substantially reinforced by innovative laser machining, and HD shock absorbers form part of the standard specification.”

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