SAF-Holland launches new lift axle

Global equipment specialist SAF-Holland has introduced its large-capacity 20K Neway LSZ Auxiliary Steerable Lift Axle Suspension System for the US market.

According to SAF-Holland, the rugged new lift axle boasts a compact size, double the lift speed, improved ride performance, and easy installation and service.

The LSZ comes in an 18.3-inch package size, which is up to eight inches shorter than comparable lift axles, allowing it to fit in restrictive areas, and provide extra frame rail space for additional equipment.

The durable SuperChamber lift device provides double the lift speed to protect tyre life and improve driver efficiency by stopping the axle from bouncing and banging on the chassis. The SuperChamber position reportedly provides increased protection from road hazards and easier access for servicing.

According to SAF-Holland, the angled design of the LSZ air springs improves tracking, stability, tyre life and ground clearance. The LSZ is the only line of lift axles to use premium rolling lobe-style air springs, which provide a soft ride.

The LSZ has a proprietary kingpin design that improves maintenance as no drilling, shimming, reaming or use of dial indicators is necessary. If knuckle components ever do wear out, they can easily be replaced by removing a single bolt.

“The unique design features of our LSZ Series offers unmatched durability, reliability, and value for our customers,” said Steffen Schewerda, President Americas.

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