CIMC Intermodal supporting Houston with replacement chassis

US OEM, CIMC Intermodal Equipment, has announced it will be sending up to 600 new 40’ gooseneck chassis to the Houston area for immediate replacement requirements due to flooding damage.

“Current chassis being operated in the Houston area to unload shipping containers arriving at the port could be out of service for weeks due to flood damage to electrical, brake, wheel end and other components,” the company said in media statement – pointing out that replacement part availability will likely be curtailed for some time.

“Ever since Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas coast, CIMC Intermodal has been receiving inquiries from intermodal fleets as to how they can replace damaged chassis so they can continue operating,” the company continued.

The chassis being sent to Houston will reportedly be available quickly to these operators at standard pricing.

Hurricane Harvey had left the United States's fourth largest city devasted after sweeping through last week, leaving more than 32,000 people homeless and causing as much as $100 billion (€84 billion) in damage.

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