Truck-Lite releases trailer telematics

Truck-Lite has released the new Road Ready trailer monitoring and communication system.

According to Truck-Lite, the Road Ready system creates the industry's first true “smart” trailer with its military-grade solar-powered Master Control Unit (MCU).

The MCU continually monitors and transmits crucial data from customisable Road Ready sensors to a user interface without requiring power from a prime mover.

“What sets Road Ready apart from any other system is its ability to monitor all trailer components while being untethered,” said Rob Richard, Vice President and General Manager of Road Ready.

“Installation is quick, with no holes to drill or wires to run, and fleets can determine whether a trailer is ready for dispatch without needing to hook it to a power unit – saving valuable time and, ultimately, money.”

The Road Ready system can relay data regarding tyre pressure, LED light-out detection, anti-lock brake systems, door openings, cargo movement, cargo temperature; trailer arrival and departure notifications, and GPS.

“Road Ready is completely agnostic, which means it communicates with existing ABS, tyre and LED lighting systems a fleet might already employ,” said Brian Kupchella, President and CEO of Truck-Lite.

“Between its variety of sensors and network of compatible platforms, Road Ready is the most comprehensive telematics solution available.”

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