FedEx pushes for Twin 33’s

US company FedEx has reiterated the potential gains from the longer twin 33' trailers in meeting the country's rising freight demands.

A long time advocate for the new trailer dimensions, FedEx called for the changes to be investigated on the back of a holiday surcharge announcement, where the parcel delivery company announced it will not apply residential surcharges.

“These packages consume an inordinate amount of cubic space in FedEx Ground and FedEx Express equipment in the US and Canada,” said Patrick Fitzgerald, senior vice president, Integrated Marketing and Communications, FedEx.

“[An] important solution to this issue is for Congress to adopt a nationwide standard of twin trailers at 33’ versus 28’. This would increase package capacity per trip, increase safety on the highways and use less fuel. Thirty-three foot twin trailers are currently permitted in only 20 states, and FedEx advocates for a nationwide standard of twin trailers at 33’ but no increase in total weight.”

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