New SAF-Holland Hercules landing leg launched

Global component specialist, SAF-Holland, has launched a new, robust yet lightweight landing leg model. 

Dubbed ‘Hercules’, it was specifically designed to take on the most challenging tasks in the wider road transport space, SAF-Holland revealed – with potential applications ranging from flatbed and refrigerated vehicles through to tankers, silo trucks and tippers, sliding floors, low loaders and heavy haulage equipment.

“Despite its lightweight construction, [Hercules] lifts loads of 24,000kg,” the US-German company explained – adding that with a static load of 50,000kg, the new model will be able to take on almost any competing product.

“The 10-hole 3D-backplate means that devices currently on the market can be replaced quite easily with the SAF Hercules.”

SAF-Holland said it was so confident about the high quality of the landing gear that it is offering a three-year warranty on it.

Thanks to being lubricated with a “special grease”, the Hercules is also said to be maintenance-free during that period of time.

To further increase longevity, the new model is powder-coated to protect it from environmental impacts and stone chipping, even in extreme climates.

“The new SAF Hercules combines two important characteristics: Its design is robust, yet also weight-optimised – which makes it particularly economical [given that] every kg of payload counts in transportation,” explained Alexander Geis, Managing Director Europe, Middle East, Africa and India.

“The SAF Hercules is easy to use, since little force is required, and it makes daily coupling and uncoupling easier thanks to its fantastic functional reliability.”

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