New steering tipper range from D-TEC

Dutch OEM D-TEC has announced it will be introducing its first steering tipper model at the ‘MobiliteitsRAI’ logistics show in Amsterdam.

According to D-TEC, the new ‘Flexliner’ model will feature a proprietary steering system and target the agricultural market.

“The D-TEC steering system is a proven concept and has been applied in D-TEC tanker trailers for more than 30 years,” explained D-TEC Manager, Gerrit van Vlastuin.

“It is of great benefit to the agricultural market as this steering tipper trailer can easily turn on terrain with little room, thus avoiding damage to farm yards or soil.”

In a move to safe weight, the new D-TEC steering tipper is made of high tensile steel and features only one single central chassis beam with “plenty of torsional stiffness,” as the company explained in a media release – revealing the new design was “ten times as stiff” as a double-beam one.

Van Vlastuin added that D-TEC’s commitment to quality and focus on low unladen weight will distinguish the new model in the steering tipper trailer market.

The Flexliner will debut at MobiliteitsRAI in Amsterdam in October before being showcased at Agritechnica in November.

D-TEC said it expected to unveil its first steering tipper trailer with a 55m3 aluminium body during the second half of 2017.

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