Transport businesses slow to embrace digitisation

52 per cent of German businesses in the transport and logistics industry deem digitisation “unnecessary”, according to a study by the country’s Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

According to news outlet, Verkehrsrundschau, no other German industry is more opposed to digitisation than the transport and logistics one. In comparison, only 14 per cent of businesses in the country’s finance and insurance sector consider digitisation unnecessary for their future.

Compared to all industries, transport and logistics came in on rank 10 out of 11, only trailed by the health industry. The highest degree of digitisation can be found in the IT sector, Verkehrsrundschau summarised.

Transport and logistics may catch up over the coming five years, however, with the study expecting it to improve to ninth spot by 2022.

Generally, corporations turned out to be more open to digitisation than SMEs, Verkehrsrundschau said.

The study is based on a representative survey of 1021 German businesses on the role of digitisation for the country’s economy.

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