New US-China joint venture announced

UPS and SF Holding plan to establish a joint venture to provide delivery services from China to the US, with expansion plans for other destinations to be announced.

The joint services offerings combine the strengths of SF’s Chinese network of more than 13,000 service points, with UPS’s globally integrated network with coverage between more than 220 countries.

According to UPS, alignment of the shipping networks will provide customers with greater coverage, additional routing options, increased capacity, and more choice in transit times and service options. 

“UPS is excited to form a joint venture with SF.  This joint venture will support products that provide competitive benefits to our Chinese customers who trade or seek to trade internationally,” said Ross McCullough, President of UPS Asia Pacific.

“Our combined efforts will result in new logistics products and services to simplify and accelerate B2B and B2C customers’ cross-border trade.”

“China is leading the world in terms of e-commerce market size, growth, penetration and mobile business usage,” said Alan Wong, Group Vice President of SF.

“Coupled with a rapidly growing and internet-savvy consumer base, it’s imperative that SF and UPS collaborate to revolutionize the logistics sector.  Together, we aim to bring greater competitive advantages to our customers in China, to succeed globally.”

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