Australian Army places large-scale trailer order

The Australian Army is set to see a large-scale fleet upgrade. Between now and 2022, more than 1,700 motorised vehicles and 1,750 trailers will be rolled out to units across the country.

Minister for Defence Industry, Christopher Pyne, has welcomed the first delivery of a new generation of trucks and trailers to the Australian Army’s 7th Brigade at Gallipoli Barracks in Brisbane, Queensland.

The new vehicles, developed as part of a multibillion-dollar contract, have been touted to transform the logistics capability of the Army.

“These trucks, trailers and modules will revolutionise Defence’s logistics capability for decades to come and hundreds of jobs have been created as part of the $3.5 billion LAND 121 Phase 3B project,” Minister Pyne said.

“They provide a generational leap forward from the current fleet of Unimog, Mack and S-Liner trucks, offering significantly increased protection for our soldiers and an improved combination of payload and off-road mobility.”

Minister Pyne continued, “The new trucks and interchangeable modules, used on the vehicles for a range of tasks including fuel and water transportation, are being supplied by Rheinmetall together with a range of local suppliers.

“These suppliers come from around Australia and include GH Varley (Newcastle, NSW), Sea Box International (Canberra, ACT), Holmwood Highgate (Brisbane, Queensland) and RPC Technologies (Sydney, NSW).

“The majority of the trailers are being built in Brisbane by local company Haulmark Trailers Australia, with approximately 110 jobs created across Haulmark, its subcontractors and supply chain.”

In addition to the new trucks and trailers, a general maintenance capability will be delivered, expected to comprise 122 Mercedes G-Wagons and 49 converted Bushmasters and trailers.

Between now and 2022, a total of 2,707 vehicles, 3,858 modules and 1,753 trailers will be rolled out to units across Australia.

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