DSV finds significant savings from tyre sealant

Danish transport company, DSV, has shared the operational tyre cost savings realised from its trial of tyre sealant liquid, Ultra-Seal, on 3,500 trailers across its fleet.

According to Ultra-Seal, all DSV tyres treated with the sealant liquid recorded an average 180,000km per rear axle tyre – a 38 per cent increase in tyre life compared to mileage indications from premium tyre brands.

In Q1 2017, DSV reportedly replaced 900 fewer worn-out tyres in its operations and reported 182 fewer tyre breakdowns requiring external breakdown services compared to Q1 2016.

DSV reported 872 fewer tyre-related incidents such as punctures, blowouts, flat tyres, sidewall damage, tread separation and tread damages in Q1 2017 compared to Q1 2016.

According to Ultra-Seal, the reduction in tyre-related incidents is attributed to the tyre sealant's ability to seal most punctures as they occur, allowing to maintain their air pressure and ensuring DSV has adequate time to travel to its workshop for repairs.

DSV currently specifies Ultra-Seal as a factory fitment, and is gradually filling all trailer tyres with 100 per cent fleet penetration expected by 2019.

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