Faymonville launches extra-large glass inloader

Belgian trailer manufacturer, Faymonville, has released an XXL variant of its FloatMAX glass inloader trailer that is capable of handling glass panes up to 12m in length.

According to Faymonville, the need to transport 12m long glass panes is becoming increasingly frequen, with the new model designed based on results from both real life driving tests and simulations.

“Faymonville focused on user-friendliness throughout the development of this XXL vehicle. In other words: it wasn't just built long in a haphazard manner. In fact, the daily work of the driver and freight forwarder was consciously integrated into the design,” Product Manager Albert Balke commented on the design process.

“Proven inloader technology was combined with a load-encompassing pneumatic suspension. Accordingly, the driver can rely on the familiar method of operation.”

The XXL FloatMAX inloader boasts a 9,600kg tare weight to allow a high payload, and is built to dimensions so that escort vehicles are not necessary.

“The customer can therefore look forward to getting an ideal vehicle design that still makes maximum manoeuvrability possible, even with such a long vehicle,” Balke said.

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