Waberer’s invests in Kögel equipment

Hungarian road transport company Waberer’s International has placed its first order with Kögel for 100 of the German trailer builder's multi-modal mega-trailers.

According to Kögel, Waberer’s is an environmentally conscious company that makes commercial vehicle purchasing decisions based on ecological footprint.

The Mega Rail trailers are reportedly designed for flexible loading onto the most common rail pocket wagons, as well as optional RoRo equipment for unaccompanied boat and ferry transport.

“We at Waberer’s are dedicated to innovation, and by adapting to changing market needs and conditions, we grow constantly, to which our partners, such as Kögel are also contributing with their expertise every day,” said Ferenc Lajkó, CEO of Waberer’s International.

“We are looking forward to continue delivering value added solutions all over Europe with the help of the expanded fleet.”

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