SAF-Holland details its new Slider System

SAF-Holland has introduced a new Severe-Duty Slider System to the North American market for heavy and severe-duty hauling operations.

According to the heavy-duty equipment expert, the Severe-Duty Slider System has 80,000-pound vertical load and 200,000-pound drawbar pull capacity and is designed to work with Holland FW35, FW33, and FW0070 fifth wheel models.

Its bracket-mounting heights range from 8 inches (20cm) to 11 inches (28cm), and can be easily changed to work with Holland Kompensator and No-Tilt wheels as well as to meet all OEM and heavy-haul customer configurations.

The severe-duty slider system provides slide travel versatility in two-inch increments, providing flexibility to accommodate a wide range of weight distribution and clearance, SAF-Holland says.

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