Stoughton updates dry van design

US OEM, Stoughton Trailers, has introduced a number of new design features to its dry van range that aim to maximise carrying capacity and improve durability.

According to Stoughton, the new features on the Z-Plate and Aluminium sheet and post trailers include new top rail, lower rail and roof bow designs.

The new top rail design improves water tightness by extending the sidewall sheet and eliminating drill holes, while the roof bows are now connected using a T-bolt and slot design that allows replacements be installed entirely on the inside of the trailer, reducing installation time.

The new Z-plate lower rail design 3-½ inches taller, allowing rivets to be placed higher, away from the scrape zone thus improving durability.

Stoughton has also devised a standard for corner post and casting components (pictured) that allows for smaller parts inventory and provides more streamlined repair and maintenance flow.

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